Tuesday, 22 June 2010

England's Proud Heritage

A weekend in Cornwall has been just enough to perk me up. After the funeral of my late father, Roy, i was left feeling sad, at a loss and truly heart broken. I guess nothing is going to combat this feeling, only time. But after a a bit of thought and consultation of finances, I decided to head for the coast. So I decided on Cornwall. After a 10 hour drive and a few wrong turns I ended up in a quaint little caravan park, off a fabulous coastline known as 'The Lizard'. Here I found green sea's, unspoilt, not yet commercialised beaches, peace, tranquility, friendly people and most of all, a little time for myself. It was a short stay at just 3 nights but I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a quick and fairly cheap break away from it all - Great for kids and by the look in Lennie's eyes - great for dogs to. Head to Cornwall this Summer for a truly inspiring UK adventure.

Photographs of this green, gorgeous coastline are to follow.....
Bye for now.x

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